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The Alcatraz Gardens

The Resurrection of Alcatraz Gardens

In the shadow of the infamous Alcatraz prison, a lesser-known story of resilience and revival unfolds. The gardens, once lovingly tended by families of the original Army post and later by prison guards, were abandoned after the prison’s closure in 1963. Over time, they fell into a state of neglect, becoming wildly overgrown and unrecognizable. However, after four decades of dormancy, these gardens are experiencing a renaissance, thanks to the combined efforts of dedicated individuals and the financial support of the Garden Conservancy and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.

The once-neglected gardens had transformed into a dense, overgrown sanctuary, providing a nesting habitat for a variety of bird species. Today, these areas are being carefully preserved and protected, demonstrating a commitment to maintaining the island’s newfound biodiversity. Simultaneously, many of the original gardens are being meticulously restored to their former state, a testament to the island’s historical legacy.

As the overgrowth was cleared, workers made a remarkable discovery. Many of the original plants were still growing in their initial planting spots, some of which were over a century old. Among these were several heirloom rose hybrids, including the Bardou Job, a Welsh rose previously believed to be extinct. These plants have since been propagated, ensuring their survival for future generations.

Today, the gardens of Alcatraz are a vibrant tapestry of plant life. Various species of roses, succulents, and geraniums flourish alongside apple and fig trees. Sweet pea banks, meticulously maintained cutting flower gardens, and wildly overgrown areas of native grasses with blackberry and honeysuckle add to the island’s botanical diversity.

The revival of the Alcatraz gardens serves as a poignant reminder of nature’s resilience and the power of dedicated conservation efforts. It is a testament to the fact that even in the most unlikely places, life finds a way to thrive. The gardens now stand not only as a symbol of the island’s past but also as a beacon of hope for its future.

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Gardens planted by families of the original Army post, and later by families of the prison guards, fell into neglect after the prison closure in 1963. After 40 years, they are being restored by a paid staff member and many volunteers, thanks to funding by the Garden Conservancy and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. The untended gardens had become severely overgrown and had developed into a nesting habitat and sanctuary for numerous birds. Now, areas of bird habitat are being preserved and protected, while many of the gardens are being restored to their original state.

In clearing out the overgrowth, workers found that many of the original plants were growing where they had been planted – some more than 100 years ago. Numerous heirloom rose hybrids, including a Welsh rose (Bardou Job) that had been believed to be extinct, have been discovered and propagated. Many species of roses, [[succulents]], and [[geraniums]] are growing among apple and fig trees, banks of sweet peas, manicured gardens of cutting flowers, and wildly overgrown sections of native grasses with blackberry and honeysuckle.

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